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Our company provides fabrication and services to clients across South East Asia
Our Provided
The Q Series stretch wrappers are our most popular and our most versatile stretch wrapping machines. No application is too challenging for the Q. There are hundreds of options to choose from to customize a machine to fit your needs.
Automation Systems for Manufacturing & Warehosing
The subsystem series of current requirements for in-plant materials handling and provides complementary equipment at the focal points of material flow systems.
Ranpak Packaging Solution
The PadPak Compact is the solution if you are looking for a protective packaging material that should be produced right at the packer’s workstation.
Storage System Engineering
Selective Racking System is one of the most popular storage systems from Packline. It provides 100-percent accessibility and ensures smooth, practically obstacles-free and faultless stock rotation.
About us
Started in 2007 by Engineer with storage and automation experience, since then we have provided storage and automation solutions to diverse industries.